The old adage “those who can’t do, teach” does not apply here. JV’s experience in the business inspires his teachings. His class will get you to the core of what’s necessary in order to have a lasting and relevant career. JV works as a casting director and director, the two elements that directly effect an actors trajectory. He will be invaluable to your craft.
— Christian Camargo

Available for Private Audition Coaching, in person or SKYPE. Email for information.


An 8 week long intensive that begins with in-depth textual analysis skills and quickly moves on to practical, partnered work. The focus is on contemporary American and British theater.  The actor in this class will learn how to interpret the words of the playwright through their own unique and very personal point of view in order to create an active, three dimensional character with a strong objective. Playwrights include: Christopher Shinn, Adam Bock, Phyllis Nagy.

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This class challenged me to find truth and specificity in my work. It is an open forum where each actor is treated as a professional and expected to work at that level. I would recommend this class to actors at any stage in their career.
— Kaela Flanagan
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JV’s teaching pushes me past the basic skills required of acting and allows me to look at plays, and more importantly, the characters in a completely new light. I actually started looking at them as human beings instead of ‘characters.’ JV’s teaching is both professional and challenging.
— Andrew Leonard
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The stress JV puts on the importance of homework, and figuring out a specific point of view (and action) for every moment, sets him apart from anyone I’ve ever studied with: “There is a reason the playwright chose this specific word for this moment, what’s you’re characters point of view behind that word?” This extraordinarily helpful “detective” work challenges the actor to be constantly working on their character outside of class, and then watch it come to life with other actors in the room.
— Kyle Axman
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JV has an incredible talent for inspiring the actors he works with. He pushes us to strengthen our weaknesses and build on our strengths. His acting class will change the way you think about auditioning, rehearsing, performing, and navigating the theater business as a conscientious artist.
— Elizabeth Nestlerode
Jv’s objective in life is to find the good in everyone and make them better people. Not just better actors, but better people. His spirit and warm energy are contagious and allow for nothing less than honest and truthful work. I thank him for helping me find my heartbeat not just as Luke, but as the character I’m playing.
— Luke Wygodny
‘Acting is combative’; JV demands that you approach the work with warrior-grade intellect, urgency, and precision. His passion for teaching is infectious and his class is one for students that are ready to be transformed and invigorated. I cannot emphasize enough how important this class is for actors wanting to GET BETTER.
— Amanda Scot Ellis
Jv’s approach to the craft is positive, passionate, and inspiring.
He focuses on deep text analysis that leads the actor to finding the breath of the character.
Every class you will walk out the door with a never-ending curiosity to discover
yourself as the character and as an artist.
— Jenna Rubaii